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Installation Of The Bearing Cap & Lock Nut On The Front End:

1. The above picture shows the forks that hold the front wheel on installed and the bearing cap in place and the lock nut tightened down onto the bearing cap. The picture also shows a lock nut and the bearing cap in his hand.
2. Each scooter must have the bearing cap tightened down properly and the lock nut then tightened against the bearing cap properly so that the steering easy to turn but yet it is still solid as well. It is very important that this assembly is properly tightened. If it is not tightened you will notice that the front end will be wobbly and it will feel loose. You will stop production on any scooter that you find that is not tight properly. Please note that it is important that this is not to tight. If it is to tight the steering will not move easily and freely.

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