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Installation Of The Rear Wheel, Motor, & Alignment Of The Belt On Sprocket

1. The above picture of the rear wheel, sprocket and belt is shown above. Check each scooter to make sure that the belt is properly installed on the sprocket. Notice in the above picture the belt is centered on the sprocket with a little space on the left side and a little space on the right side. The belt should not touch on the left side and the belt should not hang over on the right side. If you find any scooters with the belt not properly adjusted you will stop production on that one scooter until the problem is fixed. Each scooter must be checked.
2. To properly check the belt you need to spin the rear tire by hand a few times to see if the belt goes into the correct position on the rear sprocket as shown in the above picture. If the belt does not go into the correct position you will stop production on this scooter until the problem is fixed and the belt is properly adjusted.
3. The rear tire must be straight. You must look at each rear tire to be sure it is parallel to the motor and front end of the scooter. To do this you can simply look down and across the length of the scooter with your eyes to make sure it looks straight. If the wheel is not straight you will stop production on this scooter until the problem is fixed.
4. The motor must be installed correctly. In the above picture you can see that the motor is installed straight and it is not sitting at an angle. See the picture below for a better view of the motor.

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