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Inside view of properly packed scooter:

1. The picture above is of a properly packed scooter.
2. All scooters must have Styrofoam on both ends of the scooter.
3. All scooters must have a piece of Styrofoam on the bottom center of the scooter and this piece of Styrofoam must fit perfectly in between the bottom of the scooter and the bottom of the box for good support during shipping.
4. Each scooter must have a large piece of Styrofoam lying across the top of the scooter like it is shown in the above picture. This protects the scooter from the metal parts that are lying on top of the scooter.
5. Each scooter must have 2 pieces of Styrofoam on each end on the top just as you can see in the above picture.
6. Each scooter must have one piece of Styrofoam on top in the middle of the box that goes over the seat kit, handle bars and other parts and it must fit perfectly between the bottom Styrofoam covering the top of the scooter and it must press against the top of the box for good support during shipping of the scooter.
7. The inspector will check a few shipping cartons during each shipment to make sure the factory is packing the scooters correctly.
8. Once the cartons have been sealed, each scooter will have 3 yellow straps put around the carton.
9. The inspector should check a few cartons from each shipment to make sure 3 layers of tape are used to seal every corner of the box. This is very important.

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