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The New Black 30 Amp Controller:

1. Above is the NEW 30 Amp controller that will be installed in each Model X-11 scooter after the November 01 2002 order.
2. Each controller will have a sticker on each plug connector. The stickers will be in English and not in Chinese. It is ok if the stickers are in both Chinese and English. The stickers will be labels telling the user where each plug, plugs into. Each electrical component that the controller plugs into will also have a sticker on it in English so that the user of the scooter and easily replace the controller. This will make it very simple if a user ever has to change a part or a controller. You, the inspector will check to make sure that each controller and each electrical part in the scooter plugging into the controller have a sticker on them and also you will check to make sure that the stickers are have the same part name on each side of the plug in. For example: IE: If the sticker on the controller plug for the charger socket says "charger socket" the sticker on the plug coming from actual charger socket must also say "charger socket".
3. If you, the inspector do not find the labels on the controllers on the next order of electric scooters you will stop production immediately until the problem is fixed.

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