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Installation Of The 20 Amp Controller:

1. Above is a picture of the controller that is about to be installed into the front of the scooter. This 20 Amp controller will be used on the current order only. After the current November order we will use a new 30 Amp controller. The new controller is black in color and can be seen in the picture below.
2. The fuse is also shown in the above picture. It is the red wire with the fuse holder connected. The Model X-11 scooter always uses this fuse. Each scooter must have one of these fuses installed into the scooter. The fuse is a 25-amp fuse and is located inside of the fuse holder and is connected to the positive side of the front battery and the other side is connected to the red wire of the controller. Inspector, please note that the above picture of the controller will be discontinued after the November order.

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