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Quality Control Quality Assurance Manual Model X-11 X

This quality control manual was designed specifically for the Sola Scooter.
This is a step-by-step manufacturing process from start of production to finish of production for the model X-11 only.

The Frame of the scooter:
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Inspections to be made on the frame:
1. Inspect the frame to be sure it has the proper tilt of the rear end. The new models effective after 11/08/2002 will all have the slight tilting of the rear arms that connect the wheel to the main frame as shown in the picture above.
2. Inspect the footplate resting bar that goes up and over the rear tire and is connected to the tilted rear arms of the scooter. This cover or ride plate support bracket can be seen in the above picture as an upside down U shaped bracket that is going over the rear tire. This bracket should be tall enough to support the fiberglass ride plate once it is installed.
3. Inspect that the frame has been painted the color of Grey as shown in the above pictures. The frames should always be painted in this color.
4. Inspect each frame for general quality and that each frame is straight and not bent in any way.

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